Remaining Active is Vital for Us…and YOU!

Date: July 14, 2015 Author: ocsco Categories: OCSCO News

By: Rob Lorusso (Communications & Program Specialist, OSSCO-SOCAO)

The warmer weather seems to have finally come to stay, for now at least. While it took a little longer than normal, it’s fairly safe to say that now’s the time to get out and get more active and involved. For our GTA subscribers, even with the expected traffic jams caused by Toronto’s hosting of the Pan-Am Games as well as the residual events in the surrounding areas, getting “out there” will provide greater opportunities to stay connected with your peers and what’s happening in your community.

Social engagement has been the theme of the last month or so for us here at OSSCO-SOCAO. With our recent legislative input into MPP Lisa Gretzky’s Empowering Homecare Patients Act (we will have an update on this in our next E-Newsletter) and representation on the many consultations such as the Premier’s Special Advisor on the Community Hub Framework Advisory Group, the Better City Bootcamp, Seniors’ Living Symposium and Seniors Community Grant Program Announcement (photos available on the next page), OSSCO-SOCAO is fulfilling its mandate from the 2013 Defying Ageism Forum by continuing to raise awareness and understanding of the necessary actions and values for a positive aging process.

Just as we think that we couldn’t be any more active with updated programs and offerings being rolled out in the summer months, by late fall, we will be launching a new educational program on Civic Dialogue in 6 languages! To volunteer, or inquire as to what’s happening at OSSCO-SOCAO, contact me at OR call (416) 785-8570 ext. 223.

I’d love to hear from all of you about our upcoming programs or how we can better inform and educate you, making the information that we send to you, our subscribers, relevant. I know here at OSSCO-SOCAO that we ensure the seniors lens is included in everything that is done.

As seen in our July 2015 E-Newsletter - which you can view HERE