OSSCO-SOCAO Board Member Featured on Ontario Today

Date: July 27, 2015 Author: ocsco Categories: OCSCO News

 By: Rob Lorusso (Communications & Program Specialist, OSSCO-SOCAO)

OSSCO-SOCAO Chair Elect Claude Hould was one of the feature interviews during a recent episode of Ontario Today, an award winning radio show hosted by Rita Celli on CBC Radio. The show focused on efforts to help bring refugees from war-torn countries to Canada.  Claude’s interview (which can be found at the 26:10 mark of the podcast link BELOW), touched on the hardships and rewards of refugee sponsorship.  Through AURA (Anglican United Refugee Alliance), Hould has been a part of numerous efforts in the past to help refugees make their way into Canada.  The interview highlights his most recent efforts, which helped bring a family together after a roughly 5 year process.  What made the situation that much more incredible was how the family, once they entered Canada, was actually then able to gather as a unit for the first time in almost 13 years.  On the matter of helping others and the entire process Hould said, “Financials are important but even more importantly is to do it from the heart.  Because, if you’re doing it from the heart, then you’re really tied into it.  You get to know the people that you’re trying to bring over and understand who they are.” Listen for yourself and learn more about this topic from Claude, as well as other experts, who contributed to this recent episode.