OSSCO Civic Dialogue Educational Series Kicks Off

Date: October 5, 2015 Author: ocsco Categories: OCSCO News

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Tuesdays WITH OSSCO’s introductory Civic Dialogue to Civic Action Educational Series kicked off with a motivating workshop on September 22nd. The first part gave 20+ participants the opportunity to learn just how civic dialogue can be broached by regular citizens thanks to the efforts of Herb John, workshop leader for the morning session.

Herb’s vast experience with environmental organizations and the C.A.W. was in full display as he outlined the seeds of civic dialogue – identifying how to harness a focused approach towards issues that people seek to remedy within their communities.

The takeaways from the session were plentiful. As each level of government was outlined, Herb provided, in detail, his expertise on when and how to have your voice heard. The initial stages are very crucial, and Herb’s presentation and the discussion that followed were valued by many in attendance.

We learned that getting started can be the most difficult part of the journey to civic action. Remembering your “why” and focusing on that is also essential to making a difference. Hearing from someone like Herb, who has had many successes both during his tenure with the Ford Motor Company as well as post-retirement, was inspirational to say the least. It’s important to remember that no matter what stage of life you are currently in, a coherent voice knows no age or boundary.

We encourage you to continue your development with us on this civic journey. Our next workshop, Engaging Enthnocultural Seniors in Civic Dialogue, will highlight how community can work together to address issues people face when a language barrier seems insurmountable. 

(Guest Speaker Herb John at the OSSCO office)