Ontario Making Hospital Parking More Affordable: Putting Patients First By Reducing Fees for Frequent Visitors

Date: January 19, 2016 Author: ocsco Categories: OCSCO News

As announced January 19, 2016 by the Honorable. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care with a quote from Honorable Mario Sergio, Minister Responsible for Seniors Affairs.

Ontario is making hospital parking more affordable for thousands of patients, their loved ones and caregivers. As of October 1, 2016, hospitals that charge more than $10 a day for parking will be required to provide 5-, 10- and 30-day passes that are:

Discounted by 50 per cent off their daily rate

  • Transferable between patients and caregivers
  • Equipped with in-and-out privileges throughout a 24-hour period
  • Good for one year from the date of purchase

Ontario consulted with patients, patient advocacy groups, hospitals and the Ontario Hospital Association to find a fair plan that reduces the financial burden of parking fees for patients and their visitors.

Between now and October 1, 2016, hospitals will work directly with their Patient and Family Advisory Councils to implement this new policy, ensuring that it is well promoted and easy to understand. Each hospital will provide details on its specific parking policy and discounts.

Approximately 900,000 patients and visitors – including 135,000 seniors – are expected to benefit from reduced parking fees each year.

Saving patients and their loved ones money on hospital parking is part of the government's plan to build a better Ontario through its Patients First: Action Plan for Health Care, which is providing patients with faster access to the right care, better home and community care, the information they need to stay healthy and a health care system that's sustainable for generations to come.



 “Parking fees should never be a barrier for patients when they go to the hospital. With today’s announcement, we are providing relief from the high cost of parking at some hospitals in Ontario. By making parking more affordable for patients and their loved ones who visit the hospital often, we are helping to reduce the burden of parking fees and putting patients first.” 

–Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

"Seniors and their families will benefit from this improvement. Parking fees can be an impediment for those who frequently visit or need hospital services the most. This will be a positive change for seniors across the province."

- Mario Sergio, Minister Responsible for Seniors Affairs (MPP York West)

"We are thrilled that our concerns around the high cost of hospital parking have been addressed in a meaningful way that will help defray the cost of hospital parking for families of children with cancer in Ontario. You heard our voices, included us in the consultation, and have come up with a plan that reflects that in a very positive way. Thank you.”

– Susan Kuczynski, Member of Ontario Parents Advocating for Children with Cancer



  • The Ministry was pleased to have consulted with a number of hospitals and the Ontario Hospital Association in regards to parking fee changes in Fall 2015
  • The Ministry will require other hospitals that do not own their own lots to make best efforts to influence their partners, like municipalities and private operators to cap or cut parking fees for those who must visit the hospital frequently.
  • In Ontario 45 Hospitals currently offer free parking and 54 charge $10 or less per day. It is estimated that 36 hospitals charge more than $10 a day.
  • The government is directing hospitals not to raise their daily parking rates for the next three years starting today.