New Year’s Resolution 2017!

Date: December 22, 2016 Author: ocsco Categories: OCSCO News

New Year’s Resolution 2017!

By Elizabeth Nykorowytsch Macnab, BA, CHRP, CHRL

Did you make a New Year Resolutions that you intend to keep? Is it traditional –be more active, eat nutritionally well or something else? Most people do not think of getting involved as one of their Resolutions. As more of us are retiring, we need to think of making sure we train the next generation of seniors to continue to bring about change. In preparation to retire smartly, OSSCO is offering 2 retirement planning workshops – January 11 and January 18. Both of these are a full day workshops at COSTI in Brampton. Visit website for details.

January 9th, I will be submitting to the Minister of Finance pre-Budget Consultation. I cannot do this without your feedback and input. Visit issues page for the survey monkey link. When government asks for feedback, we need to do so to help them prepare for the largest growing demographic. While we may eat right and stay as fit as possible, with the natural aging process, we will tap into the health care system.  We need to make sure that the voice of older Ontarians is heard.

When the Minister of Health asks the Federal Government for an additional $11 Billion necessary for the health care of all Ontarians, it’s sad to learn that  Ontarians paid an extra $37 Billion from 20016 – 2017. Those unnecessary overpayments could have provided the Ministry of Health with its necessary funding and impacted greatly on the budget shortfall.

Our new years’ resolution is to bring you educational programming which is informative and helps you be as independent as possible. OSSCO found supporters such as Toronto Hydro and Public Interest Advocacy Centre who will participate in our 2017 lectures and workshops to help you make good sense of what’s going on. We are building on our work from last year to launch across the province a 3-part online learning series called Seniors Conversations…worth sharing. 2017 promises to be another busy year.