Senior 'fooled' into thinking online passport company was government

Date: February 23, 2017 Author: ocsco Categories: OCSCO News

Passport Canada says it is not affiliated with any third-party company offering to fill out forms

By Caroline Barghout, CBC News Posted: Feb 22, 2017 4:00 AM CT

A Winnipeg senior said he was fooled into thinking he was dealing with the Canadian government when he clicked on a site about renewing passport applications. 

In fact, he was dealing with a private company that has no authorization to approve or deny passports at all.

Sam Bebchuk, 88, discovered his passport expired in December after his daughter had booked him an upcoming flight to North Carolina. The trip was only a few weeks away so he needed to renew his travel documents right away. 

"I didn't renew a passport before. This is the first time so I went online and the first thing I saw was 'PassportOnline', and it says it'll help you do it," said Bebchuk. "It had a little maple leaf in the corner. It really looked like a government form."

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