Excerpt from October 2017 Outreach E-Newsletter

The countdown is on for Ontario’s Premier Seniors Conference and Information Fair as we celebrate OSSCO (and its members) contributions to improve the wellbeing of older persons. In 2009 OSSCO’s staff and Ontario Seniors Secretariat led the Age-Friendly initiatives with forums across the province. It ignited the passion of OSSCO board member Larry Duffield. He’s continued advancing this initiative ever since.

What did we learn from recent events of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and Jose? It’s that everyone needs a preparedness plan. Preparing for the various stages of aging is no different. The Ministry of Seniors Affairs recently learned that people between the ages of 55 – 64 were more concerned about the uncertainty associated with aging. People who come to our information fair meet more than 30 exhibitors. It helps them prepare for the various stages of aging – from
assistance with meal preparation to financial management. With new knowledge, people deal more confidently with issues they may encounter, moving them from crisis to control.

Ten years ago OSSCO moved from organizing multicultural fairs to delivering a learning empowerment conference. This year key note speaker Dr Louise Plouffe shares her insight on the World Health Organization’s Age-Friendly communities’ framework. Our panelists speak on the changing face of Ontario seniors. Forestview Retirement Community spotlights on the good life in retirement living, and opening speaker Mark Adler reflects on seniors in society. Inside this newsletter you will get a sample of what to expect.

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Excerpt from September 2017 Outreach E-Newsletter

Do you remember what happened 30 years ago? Did you read about the 155 Tamil refugees who were found drifting off the shores of St. Shotts, Newfoundland by three local finishing boats? Or an F4 Tornado hitting Edmonton? Or the robust discussions on the introduction of Pay Equity in Ontario?

A lot has gone on in the past 30 years. OSSCO’s Annual General Meeting last month started our 30th year celebration as a registered charity. Before we became a charity, a group of organizations and like-minded individuals felt there was a need for a coalition to raise awareness of seniors’ needs and issues. Their 1st major activity was to bus seniors to Parliament Hill to protest against proposed Pension Plan changes. The government of the day listened.

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