Excerpt from August 2018 Outreach E-Newsletter

When we talk about how to protect ourselves as we age or with help navigating the health care system, people tell OSSCO that they depend on family and friends to do so. But, what happens if you do not have a family or your family (or friends) are not geographically near by?  

This month’s newsletter delves into these topics and offers a variety of resources to assist you in deciding what steps to take to secure your future.

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Excerpt from July 2018 Outreach E-Newsletter

In looking for a quote for this month’s newsletter, I ended up wandering onto Care Watch’s website. And, there it was… a quote worthy of sharing from former OSSCO board member Bea Levis.

We did not lose our license for citizenship when we retired. We need to sit in the front seat when it comes to making policy decisions about seniors’ citizens.”
– Long-time senior citizen activist and former Care Watch vice chair, Bea Levi

Later that same day, I learned of Bea’s passing, at nearly 100 years old.  Bea as petite as she was in size, was a giant in spirit and vision. On her last year on the OSSCO board, I remember her sternly and firmly directing 2 board members whose conduct was inappropriate to “take it out in the hall”. She admonished them to return only when they could behave.

The past few years were challenging for Bea. Her daughter who returned home to care for her developed Guillain barre syndrome; it was Bea caring for her daughter instead.

I decided to share with you our recognition of Bea, with our prestigious Dan Benedict award.

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