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Kathleen Jones Discusses her Journey to Publish Love is the Punch Line


 Kathleen Jones, a late bloomer like her older characters Josh and Holly, shares in this workshop how she got started “late in life” as a novelist. After 50 long years, Kathleen’s lifelong dream came true. Her first novel, Love Is the Punch Line, was published this April.

Join us on her personal journey and the steps she took to get published. You will learn that it's never too late to fulfill your dreams. This workshop is a must if you've wanted to write and publish your story. Click below for information or visit events page



Sentimental Journey Down Memory Lane - The Song Book

A collection of the music and lyrics for 100 songs to be played by piano and enjoyed by seniors during sing-a-long programs in nursing homes, seniors’ centres, and long-term care facilities.

The Song Book contains both the music and lyrics for the songs.

Price:  $52.00 CAD
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Sentimental Journey Down Memory Lane - The Lyric Book

A collection of the lyrics only for the 100 songs included in Sentimental Journey Down Memory Lane – The Song Book.

Price:  $22.65 CAD
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