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Senior Care and Home Maintenance

Seniors can neglect certain things that other people do because of certain restraints in their movements brought about by aging. Even the simplest things such as taking a bath, maintaining a home, or even preparing a proper meal can sometimes be burdensome to them which is why having home support can help families or relatives feel at ease that a senior relative is being assisted by a caregiver to do certain things and that they are not taken for granted.

The senior care and home maintenance services include:

  • Ensuring that the correct medications are taken on time and in the right dosages
  • Maintaining health and wellness with daily exercises
  • Performing basic household chores such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, and others
  • Buying groceries when necessary
  • Assisting the senior with their daily routine
  • Driving and accompanying the senior wherever they will go throughout the day whether it be going to the park or going to a doctor’s appointment

The assigned caregiver or nurse will report to the designated contact person of the senior at all times.