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Senior Care and Home Maintenance

Even the simplest things such as taking a bath, maintaining a home, or even preparing a proper meal can sometimes be burdensome to them which is why having home support can help families or relatives feel at ease that a senior relative is being assisted by a caregiver to do certain things and that they are not taken for granted.

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Stay-In Care Services

Stay-in care allows you to feel assured that any of your family members, like mom and dad, or an elderly relative, have someone who can take care of them while you are away at any time of the day. We will see to it that you can move forward with your plans as scheduled while we stay home with your elderly relatives and take care of them like our very own family.

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Physical Fitness and Rehabilitation Sessions

Exercising is more than just to stay fit and healthy. It improves your overall well-being and disposition. If you have any of these conditions or simply prefer to do medical exercises at home to improve your strength and maintain your health, then we can provide you with at-home physical fitness and rehabilitation sessions.

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Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patient Support

A patient who has Alzheimer’s or dementia shouldn’t be left alone. If you have a relative who has such a condition or any issues with their memory, we can provide you with support services while you are at work or away for the time being.

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Hospital to Home Assistance

Coming home after being hospitalized can be difficult at times especially when you need time to recover such as in post-surgery cases. There are certain things you can’t help but rely on someone to do things for you during those times.

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Respite Care Services for Caregivers

A caregiver’s job can be very demanding. Your job entails a lot of physical work and mental stress and often than not, it can take a toll on you. Some caregivers break because of the difficulty in dealing with what’s before them.

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Companionship Service

Hiring a companion for an elderly person who is stuck at home or is in some facility can make a whole lot of improvement in the elderly’s disposition and consequently, overall physical and mental health. With this type of service, we will find a companion who has the same interests and personality as the senior so they will get along well with each other, watch a movie, go for a walk, or simply talk about anything under the sun.

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