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COVID-19 is an eye-opener and it has surely taught us a lot of lessons. The most basic of them all – being cautious and mindful of yourself and the people around you.

To exercise caution, measures have been put in place and implemented. One of which is practicing social distancing. For now, it is the only method we can do to be of help to ourselves and everyone around us. By doing so, we can help flatten the curve and give hospitals enough time to attend to those who are in dire need of assistance.

We owe it to ourselves, to our families and relatives, and even to everyone else to be responsible enough to practice social distancing so we do not contribute to the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

If you are sick and you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, then be sure to self-quarantine and monitor your condition. If a family member or anyone around you is sick and you came in contact with them, then self-isolate for at least 14 days and stay in your home.

Do not expose others to danger. Do not go out unless you have to. When you need to seek medical help, then go to the nearest clinic to have yourself tested and continue to practice social distancing.

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