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What is the best age to stop smoking e-juices? Well, the most straightforward and accurate answer to that is any age, literally. There will always be a good reason to stop smoking, whether it is for your health or your family’s. There has been a false assumption that it is already impossible for many seasoned smokers to quit smoking or vaping.

There is also another fallacy that all smokers no longer have the willpower to quit. People assume that once you start smoking, you might quit in the meantime and then just get back to your smoking addiction anytime soon. Although quitting is a pretty tough challenge, the addiction-free road is surprisingly possible for the elders. As long as they are backed with emotional and moral support, they will eventually overcome this addiction.

The stereotype

Senior citizens who smoke are very aware of their stereotypes. Many see seniors as people who have no will or interest in quitting their smoking addiction. The opposite of that assumption is true. Well, there is an online questionnaire of one thousand two hundred eighty-four smokers who are residing in the United States. The survey found out that smokers aged fifty-five years old had regretted their smoking habits. They admitted that they are unhappy with being smokers.

  • 86% of US smokers aged over 55 admitted they are discontented about their smoking addiction.
  • 59% of US smokers aged over 55 admitted that they had regretted their decision to start smoking.

Risks of Having Smoking Addiction at an Old Age

  • Yes, smoking decreases life expectancy, but some smokers survive until sixty-five years old and older. But unsurprisingly, they face plenty of health risks compared to young smokers.
  • Did you know that 23% of smokers who smoke more than twenty cigarettes per day don’t reach 65? Studies show that heavy smokers only live thirteen years less than those people who don’t smoke.
  • 70% of people who died because of vaping or smoking-related diseases are people over sixty years old.
  • Senior smokers are found to be more vulnerable to lung infections and diseases such as pneumonia. When they experience lung-related diseases, it can be more deadly.
  • Smoking worsens age-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and osteoporosis.
  • Smoking can cause early cognitive impairment and cognitive dysfunctions in seniors.
  • Smoking can reduce physical performance and strength in seniors over sixty-five.

If you’re a senior, quitting your smoking addiction can indeed be encouraged psychologically. But the sad truth is, even medical practitioners and professionals fail to assist seniors during their teachable moments by encouraging them to attend rehabilitation programs. As all of you can see, this is not only a physical condition; this also has something to do with a smoker’s psychological health.

A family’s moral, emotional, and financial support is indeed vital for the patient’s complete recovery. Of course, the most crucial factor is the patient’s or the smoker’s willingness to undergo rehabilitation. The more milling the patient is, the more they can endure their behavioral treatment process.

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